Downloading all the files from a SPS/NetRx receiver via FTP

The Trimble GPS receivers have a number of ways that you can get the data from them,

  • FTP Push, my favorite
  • Mail Push
  • FTP Download
  • HTTP Download
  • When you can not get the receiver to push you the data then using FTP is normally the fastest and easiest way of download loading the files.

    You can use you favorite GUI based client, or a simple little script.

    Note that this assumes that anonymous downloads are enabled and lftp is available on the computer

    if [ -z $1 ]
       echo "Usage: "
    mkdir ~/Data/GNSS/$1
    lftp << EOF
    open -u anonymous, $1
    lcd ~/Data/GNSS/$1
    cd /Internal
    mget *.T02
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