Antenna.ini information Updates

When using RTCM V3 for transmitting base observations (AKA base corrections) the rover needs to know the base station antenna information otherwise if the rover operated there would be significant vertical errors. (>8cm for some antennas)

This is not an issue with Trimble base stations, as by default the base station applies the antenna corrections. Applying the correction at the base is clearly the best place to do it since only that GNSS receiver needs to know the antenna details.

Modern versions of the Trimble GNSS Receivers have provided a antenna database version number, in receiver status /activity screen.

There was not a easy way for people to determine what antenna’s were in what version of the database file, to fix this issue I have created a database “dump” which includes all the antenna’s that were known in that version of the database and the aliases that are know for the antenna.

This information can be found at, there is a link via as well.

While it would be nice to have a table of GNSS firmware and antenna database version, I do not have an easy way of getting this at the moment, so you will have to just look at the web page of the GNSS receiver.

I can not find some of the database releases, I am trying to find them. V7.79 that was used with V4.93 I do not have, you will just have to look at the antenna information for the versions before and after.

At the same time I was going this I have also updated the interactive antenna information display system to V7.85 of the database (Jan 2015)

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