TBC Residual Plotting

I have added a new system to the plotting tools.

If you are a user of Trimble Business Center you can create residuals as part of the baseline processing, the residuals are a very good way to determine the quality of the measurements.

For most users the report within Business center is suitable, for me there are a number of issues.

  • Getting an image file to use in a report is not easy
  • There is not a combined plot of all SV’s
  • The plots are not zoomable
  • There is not a table of stats for all SV’s
  • There is no use way to see when the SV was not used
  • It does not show the SV elevation
  • It can be a bit slow

If you click on an image the zoomable version of the plot will be displayed. These plots are created by gunplot, which does not support zooming on all browsers. Use FireFox and Right click and drag to zoom.

Note that the system plots from the RES file that is stored in the folder created by TBC, the RES file does not contain information about the baseline. You need to look at the Sessions in TBC to determine the session file that matches that baseline.

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