ATX Format information and phase center plotting

In addition to the Trimble Antenna.ini format for antenna information there is the IGS antenna information data base, igs08.atx. (NGS also has one)

This has a large number of antennas, most of which are in Antenna.ini as well.

The data that is in the IGS file should be the same as that for the IFE models in the Trimble antenna.ini format.

To support ongoing work there was a need for a ATX file parser, once we had that is was a reasonably simple task to display the information from this file in the same way as it is displayed in the Trimble Antenna.ini viewer tool.

The information is at

When you are looking at the antennas with Azimuth dependent corrections the smaller the range the better, and this shows the improvements in the measurements that you will get by having the antenna’s pointed in the same direction. (In addition to any average bias in the antenna). When using a Tripod it is recommend that you point the antennas in the same direction for the best precision.

The IGS names use part numbers not the normal names, the following are the ones that may be of most interest.

Trimble Zephyr 2 Base is TRM57971.00 NONE

Trimble Zephyr 2 Rover is TRM57970.00 NONE

Trimble SPS985 is TRMSPS985 NONE

Trimble R10 is TRMR10 NONE

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